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Effective Presentations: Creating a Lasting Impact

Man Training 03 webEvery speaker has a purpose for his speech. Similarly, there is a reason for every presentation being done. Perhaps, anyone can deliver a presentation but, not everyone can really convey the objectives of the presentation and create a lasting impact to the audience.

Delivering effective presentations is a skill that can be learned and mastered through time as one gets exposed to an environment where doing oral presentations is like an everyday routine.

But for those who are serious in learning how to present more effectively, there are courses available that train participants on the trade secrets behind effective presentations.

Tips to an Effective Presentation

  • Preparation is key

Before taking the spotlight, make sure that there is extensive preparation done so as not to put you on the hot seat. Ensure that all data included in your presentation is accurate. If you are describing your team’s performance to the stakeholders, ensure that you are able to talk about the root causes and corresponding action items. If you are presenting a new product or service, ensure that all the features and benefits are accurate and that you know every single detail about the new offering. Knowing the “why, what, where, when and how” of your presentation is important.

  • Organize

Effective presentations are always accompanied by robust and spectacular visuals that flow with the delivery style. Organize your thoughts around the presentation and write down clear objectives on what the presentation should achieve. Make an outline of how the whole presentation should flow, including how each section connects to the previous one. Prepare your visuals ahead of time so there will be enough time to create graphs, charts, and other images that will complement your presentation.

  • Master the delivery

When all the materials are ready, do a dry-run of the presentation. It would be much better if you can practice with a colleague who can provide feedback afterwards. If not, just talk out loud and listen to yourself. Make sure to put appropriate stress on portions that need to be emphasized in the presentation.

While presenting, it is also important to be observant of the participants and see how they react. There may be times you may need to repeat some points if they show confusion on their faces or talk about additional information and data when they look doubtful of what you are saying. No need to wait for the listeners to ask questions, respond right away to their non-verbal cues.

These are only a few tips how you can deliver an effective presentation in front of any audience. Be more prepared and learn more about this skill from the experts. Ashford Global IT offers an Effective Presentations course that will hone your presentation skills through hands on activities and workshops. All Ashford Global IT courses are led by experts in their respective fields so you can be sure to learn from the best.

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