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Effective Business Writing

How people respond to you depends on how you communicate. Your business correspondence is a representation of your communication skills.

Readers, particularly those reading from a corporate perspective, take the written word very seriously and do not appreciate errors or imperfections in the writing style.

Tips for Writing

Thus, it is the author’s responsibility to write in such a manner that can impress and influence anyone. But how does one go about writing like that?

Ashford Global IT’s Effective Business Writing one-day workshop focuses on how you can sharpen your writing skills by creating well-structured documents that shape your arguments and are logical and diplomatic in tone. You will be taught how to communicate effectively through written documents such as letters, reports, and proposals and through electronic means like emails and instant messages.

After successfully completing the Effective Business Writing workshop at Ashford Global IT (AGIT), you will know how to organize and write effective business documents. You will be able to write in a clear, concise, and focused manner. Your documents will be logically structured as well as properly formatted.

Your writing will remain specific to the goals of your intended message as well as project the goodwill of you and your company through the proper tone and phrasing of every single word. Your documents will be precise and appropriate while remaining persuasive. You will understand how to develop paragraphs to help your readers identify, recognize, and remember the concepts. There are certain words that spur readers into action. You will be able to identify these action words and use them in your text.

This one-day workshop is designed to assist in quick learning. It is activity- and exercise-intensive; thus, you can be confident that you will be able to implement the knowledge you receive from Ashford Global IT’s skilled instructors. By attending this seminar, your business correspondence will become better understood, and you will be able to produce the desired reaction in your readers. This, in turn, will gain you admiration and respect in your organization.

At Ashford Global IT, students are the institute’s assets. So, let AGIT help you in finding your writing niche.


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