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Developing Process Requirements Through Effective Business Workshops

Attendees raising hands at conference webInformation technology (IT) is vital for many organizations. However, business users and IT professionals do not speak the same language – business users describe what they want by mentioning the effects desired whereas IT practitioners refer to the programming details or complex constructs used.

Thus, in order to create a bridge between them, business analysts need to hone their facilitation and documentation skills. With the help of business analysts, business requirements can be effectively translated into process requirements; thus, the necessary information for both business owners and IT professionals, respectively, will be processed and delivered accordingly.

About Process Requirements

Process requirements are very important to ensure that everything is operating smoothly during development and enhancement or process change. They provide developers with guidelines to follow to ensure that clients’ needs and conditions are being fulfilled. By following and completing those criteria, IT professionals won’t fret over having to add missed requirements.

In addition, process requirements are used to ensure that process design and process development are up to the clients’ expectations. Aside from that, documented process requirements allow organizations to provide clients with written proof of their product’s compliance with the requirements specified during the initial meetings and discussions. This will always protect developers and their employers when facing angry clients.

In many cases, business analysts will use diagrams for process design. IDEF process design maps are a standardized and well recognized method of implementing process mapping. A process map is a diagram of processes that are taking place within an organization. This tool is used to display the interaction of elements (the people and the resources used) in a process. Therefore, only the person responsible for a mistake will be accountable, and no finger pointing will take place in an organization.

Why Business Workshops are Important

Because the requirements need to be discussed with most users affected, it is important that business analysts attend workshops which will help them define and document business requirements accurately, completely, and unambiguously. In addition, business skills apply to many disciplines like:

  • Defining services for the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
  • Reviewing manufacturing operations processes in a SIX SIGMA program in order to reduce errors/inefficiencies
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects where business transformation uses a set of integrated configurations

One of the important skills a business analyst should learn is business writing. Since he or she is the main person in charge during initial meetings with clients, he or she needs to be able to write business documents in a clear and concise manner so that developers and business managers can understand them. He or she should also be able to conduct presentations that effectively deliver information to his or her audience, whether it is a group of developers or the clients themselves.

How Ashford Global IT Can Help

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) offers business workshops that can help business analysts excel at what they do. The institute’s business course offerings include:

  • Effective Business Writing: Students will learn how to use different techniques to create business communications such as letters, Instant Messages (IMs), emails, and business proposals.
  • Effective Presentations: Students will be trained to prepare and conduct meetings, deliver presentations, and share information effectively.
  • Grammar Essentials: Good grammar is the only way anyone will read a document; thus, a short yet extensive review on important grammar rules is offered by AGIT.

All of these one-day courses will be delivered in a classroom environment by experienced instructors. Students can choose to come to the AGIT’s campus in Orlando, FL, or have classes conducted at their respective organizations. So, for those business analysts or professionals interested in getting hands-on experience in learning the skills necessary to develop process requirements, Ashford Global IT’s business workshops will definitely be of much help.


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