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Developing Business Writing and Grammar Skills with Professional Training at Ashford Global

Click 02All of the Business training courses at Ashford Global IT are sensibly developed and facilitated by an experienced instructor with years of experience in writing and communication.

It is vital that business professionals are able to communicate clearly and concisely, properly analyze their audience, and accurately document their departmental business operations.

All the above qualities can be achieved through proper training that develops one’s writing technique. Entry to advanced level business writing courses accompanied by a separate grammar essentials training course are available at Ashford Global IT.

Effective Business Writing

The Effective Business Writing course develops a professional’s ability to organize and write different business materials such as emails, business proposals, drafts, and letters.  This course also focuses on the practice of adopting proper business culture and diplomacy in written communication. The Effective Business Writing course elaborates on thirteen topics divided into four lessons. The first lesson addresses writing emails and other electronic communications.

The second one serves to improve audience analysis and responses to written communication with proper etiquette. The third lesson focuses on specialized writing strategies for businesses as well as thank you letters. The final lesson discusses persuading your audience, writing executive summaries, and using visuals. The course is targeted towards those individuals who want to learn how to develop their ideas, express them clearly and concisely, and persuade others.

Advanced Business Writing

The Advanced Business Writing course explains how to focus your documents and communicate effectively to your audience. The objective of this course is to improve your writing skills so you can develop well-organized and convincing business documents. There are four topics discussed in two separate lessons.

The first lesson discusses how to focus your document by determining the purpose and audience. The second lesson concentrates on planning the writing project and using informative and persuasive techniques. After completing the course, you will be able to identify specific presentation techniques for different documents such as project plans, contracts, strategic plans, procedures, policies, and business plans.

Grammar Essentials

The Grammar Essentials course is dedicated to individuals seeking improvement in their grammar usage for better written communication. The objective of this course is to obtain a solid grasp of identifying the elements of correct grammar.  This is done through discussions and explanations of common mistakes such as sentence fragments, run-ons, comma splices, and hypercorrection errors.

All three writing courses at Ashford Global IT are available as traditional classroom courses as well as virtual instructor-led training programs. The virtual instructor-led programs are held over two half-day sessions, whereas the classroom-based training is completed in a one full day.

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