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Business Courses Offered at Ashford Global IT – At a Glance

AshfordBannerGetting ahead and staying ahead in the business world isn’t dependent on dumb luck.  You need skills, knowledge, and motivation in order to succeed in any job. 

What Ashford Global can do for you

While a class can’t teach you how to be motivated or driven, it can certainly provide you with the skills and knowledge that can be applied on a daily basis to help you excel in your career.  Ashford Global IT (AGIT) offers numerous business related courses that can provide you with a foundation of knowledge plus skill sets to advance your career.

Companies that rely on training benefit from having a skilled trainer on hand, and AGIT’s course on Developing Successful Training for Non Training Professionals can help tremendously.  This course teaches professionals how to develop and present successful training.

One of the truly beneficial courses offered at AGIT focuses on one of the most important business skills one can have – the ability to give effective presentations.  From board meetings to employee pep talks or orientations, learning the skills needed to deliver excellent presentations is vital in today’s business world, and the Effective Presentations course can teach you those skills.

Business writing is another major skill that all business professionals need to possess.  Ashford Global IT offers an Effective Business Writing course as well as an Advanced Business Writing course.  These courses cover the essentials of business writing, such as articulating your point, developing clear writing styles, communicating to your audience effectively, and the basics of persuasion.  You will also learn the secrets of writing proposals and letters as well as how to use IM and Email effectively.

Finally, the Grammar Essentials course offered at AGIT explains the true basics of writing and focuses on sentence structure, proper grammar, organizing thoughts, and much more.  In a time when the internet continues to degrade the population’s writing prowess, these business skills will set you apart from the crowd.

These courses are short, normally lasting one day in the classroom.  Online education options exist as well.  Either option will effectively deliver the skills you’re looking for.

To hone one or more of your business skills into a finely tuned instrument that will lead your career into the future, enroll in one of Ashford Global IT’s business courses today! At Ashford Global IT.

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