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Business Courses at Ashford Global IT

ashford logo pack final logo and business cardsAshford Global IT (AGIT), based in Orlando, FL, provides training programs throughout the nation to help business professionals become more skilled and knowledgeable in the field of Information Technology.

In addition, Ashford Global IT offers some unique business programs that are designed to develop the soft skills of business professionals

Ashford Global Courses

The Developing Successful Training for Non Training Professionals course is intended for business professionals who are in a training role and have no previous training knowledge or experience. In this course, participants learn the best ways to develop and present training in a successful manner.

In the Effective Presentations course, students will learn how to develop and deliver professional presentations.  In addition, this course addresses how to participate in and conduct effective business meetings.  Students will learn how to actively listen and take good notes, thereby facilitating the exchange of thoughts and ideas in presentations and business meetings.

The Effective Business Writing course offers students useful strategies for refining their writing skills, which include structuring their ideas in a logical manner, exercising diplomacy in business reports and letters, and shaping their arguments.  After the completion of this business course, students will be in a position to organize and write effective business correspondence in a way that is concise and suits the business culture of the company.

The Advanced Business Writing course identifies different techniques for preparing and writing various types of business documents, such as business plans and proposals, contracts, reports, and procedures.  Students will learn to create business documents that are focused and communicate to the audience effectively.

The Grammar Essentials course assists participants in refreshing and refining their grammar usage.  Students will review the rules of grammar, detect common grammar errors, and improve their writing style.

Students can elect to take these courses in a traditional classroom setting or online through virtual instructor-led training.

If you are one who wants to hone your business abilities, enroll in a business course with Ashford Global IT today!

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