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Nov 6

How ITIL® Benefits Your Company

November 6th, 2014 by

Learn webITIL® is the world’s leader in IT Service Management standards. ITIL offers adopters a real-world framework that enables them to identify, plan, deliver and support IT services to organizations based on actual business needs.[...] Read More

Nov 5

How to Become a CISM

November 5th, 2014 by

Nothing can be as prestigious as being an elite IT security manager. However, to join the ranks of CISMs (Certified Information Security Managers), you must go through a number of steps.[...] Read More

Nov 4

How Can ITIL® Change Management Improve Your SOPs?

November 4th, 2014 by

ITIL Change ManagementIn order to deliver services as reliably as possible, firms often institute standard operating procedures (SOPs). SOPs make it easy to deal with the needs of diverse clientele and maintain some semblance of consistency throughout. However, when they’re incomplete or ill-considered, they can be thrown out of whack quite readily. Firms that deliver services and think they’re in the clear are often dismayed to discover that even if users don’t outright request changes, modifications become necessary at some point in the lifecycle.[...] Read More