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Course Description: 

The 1 day ITIL® Awareness course provides learners with the unique opportunity to receive an introduction to the concepts of ITIL and ITSM. It provides an overview of the concepts within the ITIL best practices domain while also introducing the key ITIL processes. This non-certificate course explains how ITIL processes are driven by a Service Lifecycle to provide smooth functioning to organizations, thus ensuring high-quality services to their customers. It has been designed for learners who need a basic awareness of ITIL as a general interest, as part of a larger program initiative as opposed to the full certification Foundation course or for those who may not be sure of their future ITIL training path and want to assess ITIL / ITSM viability in their organization.

Course Objectives: 

At the end of this course, the learner will be introduced to:

  • Current business challenges
  • Frameworks, Standards, Best Practices & Governance – where does ITIL fit?
  • ITIL description and value
  • IT Service Management concepts
  • ITIL qualifications
  • The Lifecycle approach to Service Management
  • ITIL’s processes within the Lifecycle context
  • Concepts & terminology of each phase in the Lifecycle
  • Additional information on key processes
  • Implementation considerations


The Awareness course will be of interest to: 

IT Staff, IT and Business Executives, IT Consultants, Key Business Users, IT Developers.



Course Student Material:

Students receive a copy of the classroom presentation material.

Course Organizational Logistics:

  • A maximum of 25 students can attend this course with 1 instructor
  • Location tools requirements include a whiteboard, flipchart and projector

About the Examination:

There is no exam associated with this course.


None in the ITIL scheme