Developing Training for Non-Training Professionals

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Course Description: 

You may have spent years honing your skills and developing expertise in a subject area. Your colleagues recognize the depth of your knowledge and your keen ability to zero in on problems and elegantly resolve them. But now you've been thrust into a training role - you are not only required to exercise your skills, but communicate your knowledge to others. For many who assume a training role, that transition is not easy. Training involves a specific set of skills that an expert in a particular field may not possess. In this course, you will learn how to develop and present successful training.

Course Objectives: 

You will develop and present successful training.

Target Student:

Anyone expected to provide training to an audience, especially those who may not have previous training experience.


To profit the most from this course, you should be familiar with common word processing and presentation software packages.

Delivery Method:

Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the training needs of your audience and the business requirements of your sponsor.
  • Develop your training.
  • Present your training.
Course Content: 

Lesson 1: Identifying the Training Needs

  • Topic 1A: Establish the Training Charter
  • Topic 1B: Perform a Needs Analysis

Lesson 2: Creating Content

  • Topic 2A: Develop Classroom Content
  • Topic 2B: Write Engaging Instructional Material
  • Topic 2C: Develop Activities
  • Topic 2D: Develop Assessments
  • Topic 2E: Develop Visuals

Lesson 3: Presenting Your Training

  • Topic 3A: Assess Your Strengths as a Trainer
  • Topic 3B: Present Your Classroom Training
  • Topic 3C: Manage Your Classroom Training
  • Topic 3D: Present Your Remote Training
  • Topic 3E: Improve Your Training


  • Appendix A: Activity: Establishing Your Training Charter
  • Appendix B: Needs Analysis Report Template
  • Appendix C: Sample Training Outline
  • Appendix D: Activity: Writing Engaging Instructional Material
  • Appendix E: Activity: Developing Activities
  • Appendix F: Activity: Presenting Your Training
  • Appendix G: Activity: Presenting Your Remote Training