Acrobat Professional Training: 508 Accessibility & Forms

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Duration: 1 day(s) Price per student: $495

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In this Acrobat Professional Training class users will learn to check, adjust, and validate documents to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities that meet with 508 standards.

Students will learn the foundations of creating and converting PDF documents using Acrobat's built-in tools. Create an Accessibility Workflow to ensure that your documents are properly tagged and validated. Correct reading order and properly add links, bookmarks and numerous other features essential in working with 508 accessibility standards for people with disabilities. This class includes an introduction to LiveCycle Designer for creating PDF forms.

Your instructor will cover the pitfalls, and the best practices will be followed so that you are creating 508 accessible PDF documents with the latest standards using Acrobat Professional. This Acrobat Professional class is intensive, but not complicated. The goal of this class is to make difficult concepts easy to understand and implement into your own projects.

For additional information please contact us for an explanation on Acrobat's features and what this class can do for your organization.