About Us

Ashford Global Consulting and Training is a worldwide organization that specializes in delivering today's most in-demand business skills, IT and security courses. We also provide consulting services to medium and large businesses. Our course listing includes ITIL® best practices training and certification, IT security courses, as well as many soft skills essential to businesses today.

Our training and certification courses can be provided on location for the convenience of our clients; online classes or classes at an Ashford Global Training facility are also available. Ashford Global Consulting and Training is headquartered in the Orlando, Florida, metropolitan area. Here at Ashford Global, we believe that classroom training should be informative, relatable, interesting, and most importantly, implementable in a real world business environment. Ashford Global is proud of its close relationships with its various clients and is expanding its market in the Southeastern U. S. Region. Ashford Global is becoming a major presence in the global business and IT training community.

Our Organization

In the last few years, Ashford Global has experienced an explosion of growth within our organization. To embrace this expansion into the global environment and to keep the momentum going, Ashford Global has developed training, management, and executive teams. It is important to recognize our experienced management team and expert instructors that make up our intangible resources such as our ability to relate to customers and their students regarding their needs and wants, management style, and corporate culture and commitment. These elements differentiate us from our competitors, contribute to the development and success of your organization's IT department, and filter through to your overall corporate well-being.